How to Pre-Order the iPhone X and Get the Best Deal

How to Pre-Order the iPhone X and Get the Best Deal

The iPhone X could be Apple's biggest release since the original iPhone. Set to launch on November 3, the phone will be available for pre-order starting Friday, October 27.

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However, because this 10th anniversary iPhone ushers in the most drastic iPhone redesign we've seen in years — and because supplies are rumored to be limited — it's likely it might sell out fast. That means you'll have to be lightning quick to snag Apple's latest kit. With that in mind, we've compiled a list of ways you can get Apple's new smartphone when pre-order day arrives.

When Do Pre-Orders Commence?

Pre-orders for the iPhone X will begin October 27 at around 3 a.m. ET. In-store availability will start November 3, which is about the same time you can expect your pre-ordered iPhone to arrive.

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The online Apple Store will likely be hammered on October 27, so if you're going go that route, we recommend you log on way before 3 a.m. ET and get ready to repeatedly hit your browser's refresh button.

Another alternative route is to stay in bed and use the Apple Store's iOS app. The app lets you purchase the iPhone X — or any iPhone — using your carrier's upgrade plan. It doesn't guarantee you'll get your hands on a new phone, but it's likely to be less frustrating than waiting for the Apple Store to come back online.  

How Much Will It Cost?

A lot. At $999 for the base 64GB model and $1,149 for the 256GB model, the iPhone X is Apple's priciest iPhone ever, rivaling the cost of some of its entry-level laptops. However, all that cash will buy you a gorgeous 5.8-inch OLED Super Retina display, Apple's new A11 Bionic processor, and multiple new features like the ability to unlock your phone with Face ID.

Currently, there are no pre-order deals for the iPhone X, but you can follow our iPhone X deals story for the latest news on that front. Interestingly enough, Apple is launching its iPhone just before the holidays and while we don't expect to see any significant dollar-off deals on Apple's new flagship, we wouldn't be surprised to find a nice bundle or an attractive trade-in offer as we approach Black Friday and Cyber Monday. 


If you prefer to bypass the Apple Store and buy directly from your carrier, you should make it a point to log into your carrier's account beforehand and make sure your info is up to date. The good news is that every major carrier — Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint —will sell the iPhone X, but it's likely some of their sites may crash on October 27 as well.


Big-box retailers like Walmart, Best Buy and Target will offer the iPhone X, but to date no major chain has announced their specific plans. We'll update our story as we get closer to the iPhone X's pre-order date. 

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